2016 is officially here! I love, love, love new years, because they are always full of such promise. Even if nothing actually changes significantly (which is usually the case), there is that feeling of a fresh start which is addicting to me. Here is what I’ve got planned for the year ahead!



Instead of making a huge list of resolutions for the whole year, I’m making each month about a different aspect of my life that I want to improve! Some are specific to me (like learning to drive in September), but others are broad categories that anyone could improve on. I’ll talk more about each of these in monthly posts, but here is my schedule of focus for the year:

2016 monthly focus

January- Sleep // February- Nutrition // March- Exercise // April- Mental and Emotional Self-Care // May- Outer Order (cleaning and organizing)  // June-Habits and routines // July- Family connections // August- Social connections // September- Driving // October- Finances // November- Social Responsibility and Volunteering //  December- Creating and Fostering Traditions


My  blogging goals and expectations this year are a little high, but I think they are doable! I would like to post no less than three times per week, maintain a post schedule of at least one week in advance, and schedule time daily to read and interact with my favorite blogs. I would like to reach 500 blog followers and 1000 instagram followers. And I would like to make sure my content remains true to me and things I care about, which I sometimes struggle with when pushing for quantity. I need to maintain a good blogging balance this year.


This year I want to drastically increase my reading. My official Goodreads goal is only 24 books, but if I could land somewhere in the 60 to 100 range, I’d be thrilled. I want to finish up series that I’ve started but never completed. I want to finish my “Project Shelf” this year, or at least make significant progress. I want to get a library card, and start making regular visits. And I want to actually try to complete some reading challenges this year!

Reading Challenges

Up until now, I’ve been notorious for never finishing challenges. I signed up for 6 or so last year, with the best of intentions, but didn’t even manage to meet my Goodreads goal! But this year I have a feeling that I will be more successful. I’m trying the 2016 versions of many challenges I tried last year. Click the title of each challenge below to go to the information/signup page of the challenge’s host. I will personally be keeping track of my challenge goals on a separate page (linked here and also on my navigation menu).
2016 reading challenges

The Re-Read Challenge // Flights of Fantasy // Retelling Challenge // Around the World

I’ll be using the Ultimate Book Blogger Reading Challenge add-on to keep track this year. I haven’t really tried that add-on out, even though I’ve been loving Ultimate Book Blogger itself, so I’m excited to see how I feel about it! If you want to try the Ultimate Book Blogger WP Plugin or the Reading Challenge add-on, using the above affiliate links will support Geek&Glitter.

 That’s it! What is everyone else planning for 2016?

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2 thoughts on “2016 Goals and Reading Challenges

  1. A monthly focus schedule actually sounds like a really great idea. I know I jump into the New Year with a laundry list of resolutions that eventually get thrown to the side because trying to become a morning person, eating healthier, exercising, and five other things becomes really hard to maintain; that’s too much change all at once, and it can get pretty discouraging. I know the New Year festivities have already passed, and I know that I’ve already thrown to the side a handful of resolutions, but I may actually borrow this idea for the rest of the year!

    Posted on January 17, 2016 at 10:40 pm
    1. Feel free to borrow it! I’m finding it’s really helping me to lose the guilt of not doing everything all at once. I can just tell myself that as long as I get in the habit of whatever that month is about, by the end of the month, I will have succeeded!

      Posted on January 23, 2016 at 1:51 am